You don’t need to fit in – Fit others into you!

Have you ever worried about fitting in? Have you felt anxious when around people you felt excluded you? Have you wished you had more self confidence? It is kinda like being a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. It ends up being two small objects bouncing off each other. And you know what – the square peg never needed to become smaller to fit in a hole! Experience this meditative conversation and let go of digging for self confidence and trying to fit in.

Take a moment to sit and relax and breathe into this meditative conversation on the spaciousness of you. It shifts the perspective of trying to fit in. In fact, it opens the spaciousness of you to graciously fit others into the vastness of who you are.

How Spacious are you – How Spacious YOU ARE!
You don’t need more self confidence or to keep trying to fit in – your spacious enough to fit others into you!

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2 Replies to “You don’t need to fit in – Fit others into you!”

  1. Hi Deana,
    Loved the meditation, its length, and the silhouette.
    Stopped and went back several times to capture “have room for them to NOT fit into your labels and have room to NOT fit into THEIR labels”
    Thanks so much,

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