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Upcoming Workshop: Connecting to our Natural Being

WHEN: Two opportunities: In Person (June 15th 10am EST to Noon) and via Zoom (June 16th 1pm EST to 3pm)

WHAT: Just like a flower, tree or any part of the natural world, we too are planted like walking, living, breathing seeds intended to grow.  Our bodies (form) root our being (formlessness) on this physical planet.

But that’s not the end of the story. So, let me pose these questions:  What if we looked at the body as the shell that opens, pushes the seed upwards toward the sun, and allows our being to express itself?  What if we understood that different seasons call for different
expansions and expressions?  What if we accepted ourselves as a part of nature instead of observing the natural world that we live in as separate from us?   

You’re invited to join me and a small group in exploring these questions and what it means to connect deeply to our natural being through which we participate with life as LIFE itself.

WHERE: Greensboro, NC for the In-person event, and on Zoom available anywhere

HOW: Use the following link to register:

In person:


COST: Sliding scale starting at $25

Other offerings available at no cost:

1) Enjoy an available meditation using this link:

2) Join in on the online meditation/presence practice group that gathers twice a month: