Presence Practice Group

Let’s take a moment off the road together and enjoy a shared presence experience. These meetings are refreshment for the body and soul. Come join in! You are welcome here.

This – open to all – group meets together virtually. We watch a video or listen to a 10 minute talk about presence and then shift to the experiential. We hold presence for 15 to 20 minutes in silence. Then open to people to express what their experience is while we all continue to hold the space of presence together.

There is no cost to attend these meetings held twice monthly. We connect via Zoom. The schedule for the meetings are as noted:

*August 29th @ 6pm Eastern Time (Tuesday)

*Sept 9th @ 10:30am Eastern Time (Saturday)

*Sept 26th @ 6pm Eastern Time (Tuesday)

*Oct 14th @ 10:30am Eastern Time (Saturday)

*Oct 24th @ 6pm Eastern Time (Tuesday)

*Nov 11th @ 10:30am Eastern Time (Saturday)

*Nov 28th @ 6pm Eastern Time (Tuesday)

*Dec 9th @ 10:30am Eastern Time (Saturday)

*Dec 19th @ 6pm Eastern Time (Tuesday)

*Jan 13th @ 10:30am Eastern Time (Saturday)

*Jan 23rd @ 6pm Eastern Time (Tuesday)

*Feb 10th @ 10:30am Eastern Time (Saturday)

Use the following form to receive email updates on current and future scheduled dates and the needed Zoom connect information: