Being comfortable and present in our bodies

I was stretched up against the wall when my yoga teacher said, “The body is always present.” In that moment my mind opened and expanded. I understood more deeply how our thoughts stress the body and that the body is a tool to keep our minds present. That reminder lead to this meditative conversation on being comfortable and present in our bodies. It also helps you understand how thoughts of the past and future – stress the body.

I could walk into a room and be comfortable by simply changing one thing!

Instead of walking into a room and wondering where I might fit in, or what others were thinking of me, or listening to my thoughts about the others or myself. Instead, I could walk in the room in comfort and extend that comfort to all. The only thing that changed was feeling my body from the inside and being present to the body.

Listen to the following meditative conversation and enjoy the body you are inside!

You can also watch on Youtube using the following link:

A meditative conversation about being comfortable and present in our bodies

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Special thanks to Kathy (my yoga teacher) for saying so deeply and intuitively – the body is always present! Kathy @

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