Accepting yourself is the only validation needed

About 10 years ago, I was standing in a trailer in the Arizona desert.  I was interacting with Eugene Albright.  He was telling me that everyone had the right to exist – as they are.  My body felt that truth.  He was the most brilliant and humble man that I had ever met.  Gene was more than a mentor and was sharing with me what he learned after his near death experience.  He energetically took me into that awareness. I accepted as much of it as I could at the time.  Accepting yourself is the only validation needed and when you do that – you realize validation is not required or real.  Validation is a concept, but you exist and you are real and you are acceptable as you are.  

This awareness came to my body again!

I was listening to a podcast called ReRooted.  Francesca Maxime was interviewing Tada Hozumi about identity, trauma and privilege.  About 35 minutes into the podcast, Tada was talking about insecure cultural attachment.  As Tada explained this concept, they referenced an example of “not feeling deserving of being here,” (specifically on Turtle Island).   My body reacted to their statement.  I had been walking while listening to the podcast.  I stopped moving.  I became aware that there was the feeling of not having the right to exist.  I suddenly was back in the trailer and Eugene was looking in my eyes saying people had the right to exist as they are – the two energies were crashing inside me. 

I saw the trees around me existing without this question. I felt the universe waiting for humanity to self-recognize and recognize our connection with the universe. The absurdity of validation was collapsing as self-acceptance further ignited.   I could feel what Tada and Francesca were talking about in a visceral way – at a root level…it was a deep wound for humanity. 

Accepting yourself is the only validation needed

Since we exist, we have the right to be here and self-acceptance is most important. Tada and Francesca spoke of how the body knows the truth. And I could feel that waiting for a seat at the table provided by others is recognized by our bodies as an uncomfortable and lesser space. 

How does it feel to you? You are here – you exist – you are not waiting for someone to give you a seat at the table they designed and may welcome you too.   Welcome yourself to the right of your own existence.  Accept yourself and how does that feel to your own body.  Is there any higher validation?  My body resonated with my acceptance of my own power! Validation as a concept dissipates in the presence of our own existence. 

For a journey into the energy of self-acceptance, listen to this meditative conversation that came from my experience on the walk. (Audio file or embedded video):

Validation is a concept, Existence is Real – Accept Yourself
Accepting yourself is the only validation needed. Validation is a concept, Existence is real – Accept Yourself

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Self Confidence isn’t something you build

We often seek to “build” self confidence. We believe we lack self confidence. But that is not the case. The problem is that we have an abundance of unworthiness. What if self confidence is a natural occurrence? What if all the confidence you need is immediately present when you stop judging yourself? You can feel it in this meditative conversation. Self confidence isn’t something you build. It is already present and comfortable inside you when you shift your focus from unworthiness.

We can stop trying to build self confidence the hard way and let it arise!

The conversation dives into how we have placed our value in unworthiness! Guiding to the awareness of ourselves and others as worthy. But when we are in the hole of what is wrong with us, how do we get out? The meditation helps us dig out of the hole we dug for ourselves! And once out of the hole, we shift into wholeness. We stop fixing what we are not and step into who we are! When we are authentic, confidence is!

The difference is amazing!

I encourage you to listen. It is honestly such a relief to know that self confidence isn’t something you build. And how many hours have we been banging away at it, trying to find the right design. All along, it was about knocking down what we built around unworthiness. Confidence is present and alive in each of us – no blueprints, construction or designs needed! You are worth a listen and the world needs what you can do!

You Are Worthy
We don’t suffer from a lack of self confidence, but from an abundance of unworthiness.

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Being comfortable and present in our bodies

I was stretched up against the wall when my yoga teacher said, “The body is always present.” In that moment my mind opened and expanded. I understood more deeply how our thoughts stress the body and that the body is a tool to keep our minds present. That reminder lead to this meditative conversation on being comfortable and present in our bodies. It also helps you understand how thoughts of the past and future – stress the body.

I could walk into a room and be comfortable by simply changing one thing!

Instead of walking into a room and wondering where I might fit in, or what others were thinking of me, or listening to my thoughts about the others or myself. Instead, I could walk in the room in comfort and extend that comfort to all. The only thing that changed was feeling my body from the inside and being present to the body.

Listen to the following meditative conversation and enjoy the body you are inside!

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A meditative conversation about being comfortable and present in our bodies

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Special thanks to Kathy (my yoga teacher) for saying so deeply and intuitively – the body is always present! Kathy @