Self Confidence isn’t something you build

We often seek to “build” self confidence. We believe we lack self confidence. But that is not the case. The problem is that we have an abundance of unworthiness. What if self confidence is a natural occurrence? What if all the confidence you need is immediately present when you stop judging yourself? You can feel it in this meditative conversation. Self confidence isn’t something you build. It is already present and comfortable inside you when you shift your focus from unworthiness.

We can stop trying to build self confidence the hard way and let it arise!

The conversation dives into how we have placed our value in unworthiness! Guiding to the awareness of ourselves and others as worthy. But when we are in the hole of what is wrong with us, how do we get out? The meditation helps us dig out of the hole we dug for ourselves! And once out of the hole, we shift into wholeness. We stop fixing what we are not and step into who we are! When we are authentic, confidence is!

The difference is amazing!

I encourage you to listen. It is honestly such a relief to know that self confidence isn’t something you build. And how many hours have we been banging away at it, trying to find the right design. All along, it was about knocking down what we built around unworthiness. Confidence is present and alive in each of us – no blueprints, construction or designs needed! You are worth a listen and the world needs what you can do!

You Are Worthy
We don’t suffer from a lack of self confidence, but from an abundance of unworthiness.

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The Beauty of Nothing Lasting Forever

There is a beauty in nothing lasting forever. Another way of saying it is: the beauty of an ever changing universe. To discover that beauty we have to let go of control. To do so, we face the realization that control is an illusion. We really aren’t in control. So what do we do then?

This meditative conversation takes us on a journey – you have two versions to choose from. The short version takes you to the edge of the cliff and you can look over. In the extended version you take a leap right over. The beauty of nothing lasting forever can feel scary to the mind, but it is freedom for the soul. Take the leap – the illusion is the only thing at risk.

In this meditative conversation – move into letting go of control and the acceptance of not ever having been in control. In the extended version, we move into the struggle that mind can have and the games it can play to hang on to control and then finally relax into what is and the beauty of an ever changing universe.

The Beauty of Nothing Lasting Forever or an Ever Changing Universe – Short version
The Beauty of Nothing Lasting Forever or an Ever Changing Universe – Extended

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