How to love the world in one easy step! I know – RIGHT! But it turned out to be incredible…

I was sitting at the dining room table and feeling love. I imagined certain people in my life and was loving on them. I said to the universe… I would like to love the world… but would it blow my circuits? …I don’t know – Is it something you work up to – build your capacity to handle?…like I said… I don’t know….. so I started imagining the world in front of me and sending it love….So I asked God/Universe… how do you do this? God patted its knee – for me to sit in its lap… so I did… and God closed its eyes and emitted this sound – this pure, strong and even tone for a second or two… I opened my mouth and eyes in that surprised way a child does…God nodded yep…

I realized that God is loving us all – all the time. Making that tone continuously – all the time.

I wanted to try…. so I said… now, loving the world means not only just loving people that are “good” – that is easy… how do you love the ones that hurt others…do things beyond our human ability to understand or accept… how do you get past that?… what do you think or what space do you get into?…. God laughed… then gave me a soft shhhhh… and shook that great head and said…. JUST BE LOVE….

Ohhhhh … I said… then I closed my eyes and absorbed into the tone.

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