The Spirit that is YOU

I had been with people who were dying before, but this time – I saw the Spirit exit the body.  

I was holding (Jenny) my grandmother’s hand and watching her breathing become more shallow. A few moments earlier, I had gone into what I call the center of me – and extended my heart and soul into the same area in her.   I imagined us telling her body it was time to go.   We then went down to her feet and drew up the energy….continued up the spine and into the center of her chest.  We rested there.  Being thankful to the body, to the life she experienced.  Then I related to her…that as that light and the collected energy – she would go up into her head and out the crown.    And that such beauty and the universe was waiting as she would pass through. This process was my best memory of a conversation with Eugene Albright after he looked at me and said, “Do you want to go into the death experience and learn how to die?  I stared for a moment into his eyes.. then said, “Yes.” (More on that in another blog).  I watched my grandmother take her last breath and, in that moment, a smoky essence that looked like DNA without the center bands came out from between her eyes.  One side was more opaque than the other and it spiraled out, slowly drifted a bit higher and dissipated into the air.  I knew it was her Spirit and the woman I knew was gone.  Her body was dead but what she was had transitioned to another form and continued on. 

Later, I would learn through listening to a recorded interview with Roshi Joan Halifax, that what I had seen was what the Tibetan’s call – the male and female energy of the body.   That interview led me to get the Tibetan Book of the Dead and in there I found that the process I had heard and remembered from Eugene – appeared in the book.  It was not exact, but very close to the abbreviated version of Phowa.  Phowa works with helping a person die well and the transference of consciousness at the time of death. This experience shifted more than just my grandmother’s consciousness.  At her funeral, I spoke on the many things I learned from the experience.   For some reason, I recorded what I said at the funeral and you can listen to  – The Spirit that is YOU.

The Spirit that is YOU

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