What is Love?

Hey Friends, I recently did a video about what is love. And I change the last part of that sentence to say, What IS Love. Love IS. Through this video – you can experience love and understand and experience that it IS. You don’t have to earn love.

What will I learn about love in this video?

As you watch this video an experience of love emerges, not merely as a fleeting emotion, but as a living energy that permeates existence. You are invited to establish a relationship with this intrinsic love, recognizing that it resides within you, just awaiting recognition and connection.

The journey begins with a deliberate shift in focus, away from the distractions of daily life and towards the essence of love within yourself. Through the simple act of mindful breathing, you are encouraged to embrace the presence of love as a fundamental aspect of your being.

Love is recognized as more than just a word or a feeling; it is a force of creation, a frequency, and an energy that transcends time. This understanding challenges conventional notions of love, which often involve attachment, expectation, and validation from external sources.

Central to this exploration is the recognition of your inherent right to exist, independent of external validation or approval. This journey emphasizes the importance of resting in this awareness, free from the need to prove yourself or seek validation from others.

As you deepen your relationship with love, you experience and therefore come to understand that you are not separate from love, but rather extensions of its infinite essence. This realization within you, fosters a sense of interconnectedness with all of existence, leading to a profound appreciation for the inherent worth and autonomy of every being.

Love IS

Love is a guiding force, leading individuals towards a state of inner peace, acceptance, and authenticity. From this place of love, actions are no longer driven by expectation or desire for validation, but by a genuine desire to connect and express love towards yourself and others.

By embracing love as both a personal and universal truth, you can find solace, guidance, and profound fulfillment in your journey through life.

What Is Love – You Are!

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