Am I making the right decision?

I was out pruning some trees and saw a bird’s nest in the branches of one tree. To not disturb the nest, I decided to skip that tree. I continued working and my mind wandered to thoughts of the momma bird and how happy she would be that she made the right decision. Then, I started to step over the top of the limbs that were on the ground.

I felt a rush in my head!

It was like a pause in my body – midway across the branches! I wonder if I froze! As my foot came down on the other side of the branch pile, I took in what had just hit me. This wasn’t a voice in my head (like thoughts) but an awareness of a concept. Decision making isn’t about making a perfect or right decision. Turns out, decisions are simply supported by the universe and not about right or wrong.

Enjoy yourself and make decisions – Lead your life!

So many of us can get caught up in the question and in fear. Am I making the right decision? It can be paralyzing – because being wrong is such a taboo. Well, life isn’t to be lived that way. Make decisions from your heart and lead yourself and feel the support and protection of the universe.

Am I making the right decision?

That isn’t the question at all. It takes us away from center and it takes us away from the decision we are making. Instead of deciding about what you were thinking or wanting to do – you are trying to be right and not wrong. And that is a completely separate issue! At that moment – you are in conflict and survival (gotta be right, can’t be wrong). What you were considering is now far down the list and separate from what you choice making ability. You are trying to decide – how to be right versus deciding about what you were considering. Look at this question: Am I making the right decision? See it isn’t even what you were thinking about!

What do I do?

When you realize you are trying to be right, stop. Go back to the idea or thought that originated the decision process. Let go of if it is right or wrong. Move from the idea you had versus what others will think of it. Get wrong or right out of your way – and choose for what leads you forward.

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Is it the right decision? It’s not about making a right decision. Make a decision and the universe supports you #motivation #fyp #lesbiansoftiktok

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