The Benefit of Seeing Each Other’s Pain

I was driving home and passed a small animal that had been hit and it was dead. My heart broke when I saw it and I felt myself look away and search for something to distract me from the feelings. I realized that I did not want to feel the hurt and sadness. I knew I couldn’t fix it and that made it unbearable. There must be a better way of dealing with these painful feelings. It was more than just feeling sad for the animal, it opened all the places where others are hurting. What was the benefit of seeing each other’s pain?

I wanted to go straight to the benefit!

Why – cause feeling this stuff sucks!

Some spiritual folks just jump to a quick fix – but I think it falls a little flat. They will speak about karma and life being a play. That when we die – we return to source and we are all one – so we were doing it to ourselves and it was for learning. And though the concept may be correct – do you feel better just hearing that? Does it resonate deep enough yet? What if we did not jump straight to the end and take the time to journey through this a bit more?

Have we received the benefit of seeing each other’s pain if we don’t look closely at it? To see from the top of the mountain, you have to climb it. To see the beauty of the valley, you have to spend some time in it. Understanding the beauty of both means that you have experienced both the valley and the mountain top.

What are the benefits of this journey?

First, the willingness to do it changes you. Then facing the denial, the fear and the guilt. Feeling the hopelessness and the helplessness – all allows the opportunity for the benefit of truth to come in. And that truth and compassion is what unites us. It is with us in the valley and fuels the ability to climb the mountain. Then the truth is not intellectual but a real part of our experience. This experience and willingness makes our hugs real, our speech ring true and is the supportive strength in our eyes as we look at one another. It is the benefit of seeing each other’s pain.

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The Benefit of Seeing Each Other’s Pain
The Benefit of Seeing Each Other’s Pain

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