Destination One Love is a reflection of our shared journey from one beings perspective. I will be adding insights as they come. I am glad you stopped in for a moment with me on this road.


I am a road sign. We are all on our road and along the way – we encounter signs that remind us of our intuitive direction, a change in course, or a pointer to a new path. No matter the road you are on – it is leading into love and home.

– Deana C

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What do I do?

Source generates love and insight continuously. That information and love is available directly to you – at all times.  We are guided by it and basking in it each moment.  However, there are times when we need support or another person to help us get back on the road or in the driver’s seat again.  At times like those, I can journey awhile with you or be that road sign that you are glad to see.

When you choose to connect and we interact, what is the experience like and what do I do?  Before the call or Zoom meeting, I connect deeply to my center and source.   Then, once on the call, I stay connected to source and connect to you in that space.  

From that shared space of presence and connection, unconditional love guides the process:

  • Source brings you to personal awareness about the situation
  • Source communicates awareness or insight through me
  • Source generates an energy that you feel and experience

From these deep states of connected presence, the stillness takes us where it will. 

We sometimes can’t hear our inner guidance, because there is so much distraction around us, or the intensity of the issue doesn’t seem to let us calm ourselves.  Other times – it is not a crisis – we just want to spend time in that centered space and we just can’t settle down.  Only you know when you want to take this unique and peaceful off the road journey. Know this friend – it is totally worth the RIDE!  

Things to know:

  • The “road trip” – our session – is recorded and provided as a download
  • Usually an hour in length
  • The cost is $85 (sliding scale available for those in financial need)

If you have found me and this resonates – then call 336-777-6977 or email dc.destinationonelove@gmail.com

Back in the driver’s seat and on the road again


Jackpot, you found this destination! Now that you know where… reach out as you know when! All roads arrive at the same destination. Enjoy the ride!

Destination One Love

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